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10 Ways to Maximize and Improve Your Outdoor Space

With warmer weather right around the corner many residents of the Front Range are looking for tips to optimize the use of their current outdoor space. Whether your yard may seem too small, too barren, or just too much to handle, JH Carpentry has the ability to turn your drab dirt lot into an outdoor oasis perfect for whatever your needs may be. Here are a few ideas to turn your yard into a space that fits your needs and brings your home with you outside:
Claim Your Space
For many first time home buyers it is as easy as defining the boundaries of their new backyard with a beautiful and sturdy fence. Installing a fence can be a quick and budget friendly solution to get the ball rolling on your private outdoor retreat.
It is amazing how much the addition of gravel walkways, stamped concrete patio areas, stairs, stone retaining walls, or fountains can impact your desire to spend time outside. These features not only define your outdoor space, but they create movement and designate spaces for you to inhabit. Give your yard the structure it requires to support your needs!





Have it made in the shade
When outdoor renovation is discussed one of the first ideas to come to mind is often the addition of a deck or pergola, and while these wooden works of art can be on the expensive side, there is no better way to turn your yard into a secondary outdoor living space. All of JH Carpentry, LLC’s products are guaranteed for an entire year after construction, and are created with the intent of being enjoyed by you and your family far into the future.









Build Up not Out
In the crazy housing market Coloradans currently find ourselves, often times we are left sacrificing outdoor space for indoor. Although your yard or garden may seem too small to enjoy, it can be beneficial in these cases to build up rather than out! Have JH Carpentry build you a custom vertical garden or a latticed privacy screen to optimize space while creating intimate privacy at the same time.
Seating is believing
Often times our outdoor spaces can seem uninviting or overcrowded when having guests or family over simply due to the lack of available and proper seating. Wrap around or multi level bench seating can be an eloquent solution for your next BBQ or backyard party! Make sure the whole family has room to enjoy eachothers company in ergonomically designed seating by JH Carpentry.










Improve Access
A simple way to embrace your existing space is by updating access points to your yard. You can bring the outside in by installing large sliding glass doors that blur the lines between home and nature, and provide for much more natural light and airflow inside. You could also create a custom gateway/entryway allowing for ease of access to your yard, or an improved flow from front to back.
Shed Storage
It is too often that our yards become designated as a workspace rather than a place for relaxation simply due to over-cluttering and unfinished yard work. Get your lawn care out of sight and out of mind by building a new shop or shed with JH Carpentry. We can help you optimize your storage, hide that unsightly clutter, and organize your seasonal outdoor tools from the lawnmower to the snowblower!









Outdoor Kitchen
For any home renovation enthusiast or HGTV viewer the holy grail of outdoor improvements is the outdoor kitchen. While the first thing that comes to mind for many may be a dream far beyond their established budget, there are several steps that can be taken to create the ambiance of an outdoor kitchen without breaking the bank. Work closely with the crew at JH Carpentry to determine which steps to take first, and start construction on your custom range, bartop, patio, sink, wine cooler or outdoor dining space today!
Custom Fire-pit Installation
Nothing says summertime in Colorado more than an evening fire under the vast starry night, and we can help you create those warm memories for your family to cherish far into the future with the addition of a custom outdoor fire-pit. Get the most out of your yard by creating a warm and welcoming environment for your family and loved ones to gather around.
A space for the Kids
Last but definitely not least is creating an intentional space for your children to enjoy that is seperate from space enjoyed by the adults. Keep them in view while giving your kids a place they can call their own by building anything from an elevated grass area, chalkboard walls along the fence, sandboxes, playgrounds or treehouses to direct their attention. Sometimes it can be as simple as incorporating natural elements that already exist in your yard such as highlighting a patch of sand bordered by stable rock, sawed off tree trunks for kids to navigate, logs to use as balance beams, etc. There aren’t many expenses that are more satisfying than fostering your children’s imagination and love of the outdoors!




How to Choose Between Natural Wood and man-made decking material

Now that spring is upon us and tax returns are in our pockets many Colorado residents find themselves dreaming of a new custom built deck to optimize the use of their outdoor space, and truly get the most out of what the coming months have to offer. When planning the perfect deck to suit not only the needs of your family, but also the demands of Colorado's constantly shifting climate, one inevitable question that always arises is: Should I use Natural Wood, Composite Decking, or one of the many other alternatives? All decks use treated lumber for the framing, which is the structural part of the deck that is hidden below and usually goes unseen, but it is important to consider the various looks, durability, and price-point of materials when deciding what will make up your deck surface and railings.

Let's start by discussing the pros and cons of natural wood planks. The cost and durability of Natural wood can vary widely from soft to hard to pressure treated wood options, but all of them share in the fact that they have the authentic beauty, scent, and warmth that only natural wood can offer. The most affordable and therefore commonly used wood products are cedar and treated lumber, while other species of wood such as redwood and hardwoods like Ipe, jutoba and tigerwood are also used on decks, but not nearly as often. Out of the more affordable options, Cedar looks the most natural with it's deep red coloring, and doesn't absorb moisture, proving to be quite rot resistant. While the same holds true for pressure treated woods, they come in a wide range of grades, and the best options for decking are usually those of higher quality and price that are kiln dried before and after treatment. If you want to maintain that natural scent and beautiful look while ensuring you get 20+ years out of your investment, there are hardwood options as i mentioned above, but their extended durability does come with a larger price tag.

When diving into the many different options that man made materials have to offer it is best to start with wood-polymer composite or synthetic decking. Composite decking is quickly becoming the most widely used decking alternative to natural wood in residential construction, and for several good reasons. First of all synthetic decking is environmentally friendly and features a composite of recycled plastic, pvc, vinyl, bamboo fibers, wood chips and sawdust. It is also weather resistant, stain resistant, light weight, warp resistant, and low maintenance! Although it may appear that the positive outweighs the negative when discussing wood-polymer composite it is extremely important to be diligent when selecting a brand to use, and consider your expectations of the product's performance. Some brands can appear obviously fake and tacky, while others can be very slippery or unfit to withstand mold when in a shaded area. Some can also tend to sag or bend more than natural wood, and can therefore require more extensive framing for support.

Travelling even further down the manmade spectrum from natural wood we find your plastic and aluminum decking options. While not often used due to their high price, they are worth considering for their low maintenance requirements and their extremely long lifespan. They are weather resistant, don't need to be stained, lightweight, eco-friendly, easy to clean, fire-resistant or proof, and will never rot, splinter or warp like other decking material. While they obviously boast considerable positive aspects, it is worth noting that they bear zero resemblance to a natural wood grain, which can prove to be the deciding factor against their use for many families when discussing deck construction.

So what deck material is best for you? As you are now aware there are numerous factors to evaluate before making your decision. You'll need to answer questions like: What is the intended use for my deck? Will it be in a shaded area or a sunny one? How long do you plan to live in your home? Are you capable of doing your own annual deck maintenance or would you need to hire a company to do it for you?

Like any honest deck builder I cannot recommend the right material for your project without talking to you personally to first answer those questions. But here are a few essential details to consider: The main reason people choose to use natural woods over composite decking is the initial cost savings. The main reason people choose to use composite or man made decking material is for the low maintenance required. Although the installation price of a composite deck is definitely going to be more than wood, the actual cost over time is quite the value when you consider wood decks require far more maintenance. If you're willing, and have the ability to do the re-sealing and repairs yourself, a wood deck will still be cheaper, but if you're going to hire someone to perform maintenance then it is definitely worthwhile to factor that future cost into your decision at the time of construction.

For example: Let's say your natural wood decking option will cost you $700 to have stained the first year. You will then need to re-stain it every two years thereafter, and a stripping and sanding will be required every six years before your annual stain, costing about $900 total. If you are properly maintaining your natural wood deck and hiring professionals to do so, it is safe to assume that by the end of your twelfth year you will have spent $5,300, and you will still have a wood deck that may crack or splinter, whereas some composite decking such as "EverGrain" come with a 20 year warranty against rotting, splitting, splintering and termite damage.

We at JH Carpentry understand that when it comes to home improvements each project has unique requirements, and we take pride in our ability to craft your custom construction precisely to meet those needs. Schedule a consultation with one of our qualified deck builders today to discuss the questions that are most important to you, and start creating a custom deck suited to your needs today!